Best of Revolver Records

Kevin Brennan - The Clown & The Cigarette Girl (Believe)

Kevin Brennan | The Clown & The Cigarette Girl

The debut album from Kevin Brennan, the long-serving Labour MP for Cardiff West and a veteran of the four-piece parliamentary band, MP4.

Pete Kent | Free Energy

Fingerstyle virtuoso Pete Kent is fast establishing himself as one of the standard bearers of the acoustic genre, with an album comprising a range of excellent originals, awesome arrangements, and famous covers.

Sno | Wonderland

Enigmatic London-based rapper and hip hop artist Sno stormed onto the music scene last year with Wonderland – an album showcasing sharp songwriting, lush lyrics and masterful melodies.

Babe Ruth | Que Pasa

The first album since 1976, Babe Ruth’s Que Pasa is a masterpiece of experienced songwriting, punchy production, tight instrumentation. 

Lee Wrathe | Awakening

A must for any aspiring Jimmi Hendrix, Awakening is the debut album from Lee Wrathe, guitar maestro and brand ambassador for Ibanez Guitars and Laney Amplification.

Stone Roses | Sally Cinnamon

The single that brought the Stone Roses to international acclaim, Sally Cinnamon is an ageless classic of Mancunian indie rock that improves with every listen.

Bruce Cockburn | World of Wonders LP

Released in 1986, World of Wonders is one of Cockburn’s masterpieces – a relic of thoughtful, well-written and heartfelt musicianship.

Julian Marley | A Time & Place LP

The second album from the son of Reggae’s all-time great, A Time & Place is a neatly worked, beautifully composed album showcasing Julian Marley’s unique songcraft. A must for any reggae fan.

The Vibrators | Vicious Circle LP

Nobody did punk-rock quite like the Vibrators. Released in 1989, Vicious Circle was the band’s defining album, featuring such classics as Halfway to Paradise and No Mercy.

Best of Heavy Metal Records

Holy Shire | Legendary Shepherds of the Forest

Italian fantasy metal sextet Holy Shire have dazzled with their debut album, which boasts accolades as long as its title!

East of Lyra | East of Lyra

Founded by Cloven Hoof bassist Lee Payne, East of Lyra’s debut album pays fitting homage to the classic prog-rock of the 80s with soaring vocals, killer riffs, and mind-bending time signature changes.

N.a.s.H | Incredible Villains

New York rockers N.a.s.H are revitalising what grunge rock means in the 21st century, winning them international praise and an audience dying for them to return to touring.

Devilfire | Dark Manoeuvres

Released in 1986, World of Wonders is one of Cockburn’s masterpieces – a relic of thoughtful, well-written and heartfelt musicianship.

Handsome Beasts | The Beast Within

The band that made Heavy Metal Records, Birmingham-based Handsome Beasts are one of the acts we’re most proud of, always pushing the limits (musical or otherwise). 

Xentrix | Scourge LP

Released in 1996, Xentrix’s third album was a masterclass in hard-hitting British thrash metal. Their LP is a must for any metalhead’s collection. 

Marshall Law | Marshall Law LP

Synergising soaring melody with hard-hitting heavy metal, Marshall Law showcase the best of 1980s British metal in this rare, collectable debut LP. 

Diamond Head | Behold the Beginning LP

Regarded by many as the precursors to Metallica, Diamond Head were true pioneers of the N.W.O.B.H.M and showcase their best in this collectible compilation album