Formed in 1976, the Vibrators have survived multiple lineup changes and numerous record labels to emerge as one of punk’s most enduring bands. Few bands can boast an appearance at the legendary “100 Club Punk Rock Festival” and playing alongside such act as the Sex Pistols. Their first album, “Pure Mania”, yielded the classic single “Baby Baby,” and spent more than a month on the UK top 75. 

The original roster of the Vibrators featured vocalist/guitarist Ian ‘Knox’ Cornochan, bassist Pat Collier, guitarist John Ellis and drummer Eddie. In spite of the aforementioned lineup changes (which began with Collier’s departure in 1977), the Vibrators pressed on. Their single “Automatic Lover” reached number 35 on the UK Top 75 in the Spring of 1978, and garnered the band an appearance on Top of the Pops. Their second LP climbed to number 35 on the UK charts. 

Ellis also left the band, but a reformed lineup charted again in 1978 with “Judy Says (Knock You in the Head).” That single hit number 70 in the UK. Knox split from the group at the end of 1978 to pursue a solo career, but Eddie kept the group together for another two years.

The revamped Vibrators split in 1980, but re-formed in 1982 with their original roster intact. What followed were two LPs (Guilty and Alaska 127) and a number of singles. In 1986, bassist Pat Collier left to begin his work as one of London’s most prolific producers, and guitarist John Ellis left to become a full-time member of the Stranglers. Undaunted the Vibrators added bassist Noel Thompson (featured in the Vibrators Live LP) and guitarist Mickie Owen, and eventually featured bassist Mark Duncan and guitarist Nigel Benner. This incarnation of the group released numerous albums from 1990 to 1996 – the band’s 20th anniversary. 1996 saw the lineup change yet again as guitarist Darrell Bath and bassist Nick Peckham joined the band. Ultimately, the band settled on a three-piece format, featuring two of its original members (vocalist/guitarist Ian ‘Knox’ Carnochan and drummer Eddie) performing as a trio with bassist Nick Peckham.  

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