Lisa Dominique



About Lisa Dominique

The self-proclaimed Queen Of Rock, Lisa Dominique, is famed for her hard hittin’ rock songs, explosive looks and powerful personality. Although not without her critics, her stage shows were always exciting, performing to packed venues. This was always a big part of her musicianship, and many feel it was only a lack of financial backing that stopped her taking over the states during a fantastic and eventful career.

Early HistoryLisa DOminique 2


Kicking off her illustrious career in 1985, Lisa Dominique began working with her musically talented brother, Marino (guitar). Making use of his industry contacts, Lisa quickly formed a 5 piece line-up, and began writing and performing around London. Her raunchy image, sensational stage show and ambitious personality made an appealing prospect for numerous UK record labels, but it was her dominating attitude that led her to FM Revolver. Having previously worked with Marino, Paul Birch and FM Revolver were willing to let her continue without a manager, giving her more creative freedom over her music.

In 1988, Lisa Dominique released her debut EP, Jealous Heart, to a mixed reception. Many critics claimed that she was all looks and no talent, while others enjoyed her sound and loved her live shows. Fortunately, the band were deemed to show tremendous potential, and secured a contract with FM Revolver for two albums.

Her first full length album, Rock ‘n’ Roll Lady, was released in 1989, and took the Rock music scene by storm! Lisa Dominique earned the title of Britain’s No. 1 Female rock vocalist and sex symbol, and praise from music journalism legends, Mick Wall, Bob Seger and Andy Seecher. While reviews were, again, mixed, her PR campaign got her noticed all over the UK as she began to draw comparisons with Debbie Harry, Lita Ford, and Madonna.

The PR campaign saw Lisa appear in National papers, worldwide music magazines and everything in between. However, her raunchy appearances fuelled the fire that Lisa Dominique was more about sex appeal than music, and supporters fought a difficult battle to prove the doubters wrong. She continued to divide opinion into the ’90s, but she was about to prove critics wrongs with her upcoming album.

Departure From FM Revolver


Unfortunately, this is when Lisa departed from FM Revolver to join Castle Music records for the remainder of her career. Despite enjoying slightly more success, the label also failed to provide the financial backing she needed to really fulfil her potential. Also, she continued to convey a raunchy attitude, and never fully managed to shake those critics that claimed she was more style than substance.