Record Business see’s vinyl growth as a fad

Article from Classic rock magazine

Labels and band managers not convinced by recent resurgence in LP sales

Record industry bosses see the resurgence in vinyl sales as a passing fad, it’s been reported.

Last year vinyl sales pushed through the one million mark in the UK for the first time since 1996, thanks to albums like Pink Floyd’s The Endless River and Jack White’sLazaretto.

But industry analysts Neilson Soundscan say vinyl accounts for just 6% of total album sales – a figure that record companies say isn’t having a huge effect on their business.

Rolling Stone reports that Tom Corson, president of Sony-owned RCA Records, says his company doesn’t have a department devoted to vinyl, although he welcomes the increased interest in the format.

He says: “It is a small percentage of our business. It’s not going to make or break our year. We devote the right amount of resources to it, but it’s not something where we have a department for it.

“We welcome it. It’s a sexy, cool product. It represents an investment in music that’s an emotional one.”

And Candace Berry, general manager of Universal Music Distribution, sees vinyl as a “great marketing opportunity” but doesn’t believe the rate of growth will continue.

She adds: “While we do expect growth to continue, it’d be hard to project exactly what that’s going to be. I know a lot of people in the business who’ve gotten back into vinyl the last couple of years. But I’m not sure they’re playing their vinyl every single day like they’re listening on their device.”

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Sexism is worse in the music industry now than it was in the 1960s, says Lulu The Scottish singer who attacks record label executives who force talented young female singers to ‘strip off’

Lulu, still a star performer at 64(C) The Daily Telegraph 1st March 2015 – Author Camilla Turner

Sexism is far worse in the music industry now than it was in the 1960s, the singer Lulu has suggested, as she attacked record bosses who force singers like Miley Cyrus into crude performances.

The 66-year-old Scottish singer, whose career in show business has spanned half a century, said that if an executive had said to her and Dusty Springfield to “strip off” and dance suggestively, “We would have killed ourselves laughing – then told them where to go”.

Lulu told The Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine that there is “most definitely a prejudice against older actresses and women in TV.”

She said: “The music industry is not an easy business, never has been, and the bosses aren’t rushing to sign you if you’re over a certain age because it’s all about young people.

“Do you know what I really dislike? Female singers thinking they have to strip off when they’ve got talent.

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