The Social Media Blizzard…

Hello all, how are you? Busy coming up to Christmas? Yeah, us too!

Now the pleasantries are out of the way, here at Revolver we would like to ask a small favour of you. As you’ll have noticed over the past week or so, there have been 2 little Twitter feeds on the right of the page. Well, we can’t seem to get into them for various reasons, so we’ve gone and created some more! All we ask of you is that you click the little FOLLOW box and join us on there too. We will be posting up information on new releases, re-releases, general music chatter and some cool little pics from our past. It’ll take all of a couple of seconds and then it’s over. Sound good? Good.

To add to this blizzard of social media stuff, we’re currently getting some photos of behind the scenes press clippings and such together for a Revolver Instagram page. That will also reside on the right of the screen, so keep your eyes peeled! Finally, we will get a nice shiny Facebook page together too!

Stay tuned to Revolver Records, the next few months are going to yield some pretty awesome things!

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