More Ways To Connect

Oh, hi there. How are you on this fine winter’s day? Good to hear it! Here at Revolver, we’re gearing up for a pretty busy year, and we’re slowly but surely giving you a ton of new ways to interact with us. You’ve seen on the right our Twitter feeds are live and being used as much as possible. Well, now we have our Facebook pages up and running again! You can either click on and or follow the widget links on the right. Youtube and Instagram are coming…just a ton of other stuff to do first!

Also, Raw Energee’s single “Climb The Wall,” is available now on all good digital stores, so make sure you check it out!

The Social Media Blizzard…

Hello all, how are you? Busy coming up to Christmas? Yeah, us too!

Now the pleasantries are out of the way, here at Revolver we would like to ask a small favour of you. As you’ll have noticed over the past week or so, there have been 2 little Twitter feeds on the right of the page. Well, we can’t seem to get into them for various reasons, so we’ve gone and created some more! All we ask of you is that you click the little FOLLOW box and join us on there too. We will be posting up information on new releases, re-releases, general music chatter and some cool little pics from our past. It’ll take all of a couple of seconds and then it’s over. Sound good? Good.

To add to this blizzard of social media stuff, we’re currently getting some photos of behind the scenes press clippings and such together for a Revolver Instagram page. That will also reside on the right of the screen, so keep your eyes peeled! Finally, we will get a nice shiny Facebook page together too!

Stay tuned to Revolver Records, the next few months are going to yield some pretty awesome things!

And So It Begins…

As we count down to the inevitable Christmas rush here at Revolver, you’ll notice that the site is beginning to fill up with new and exciting information about our history, our releases and what we’re up to. This will be quite a slow process, so please bear with us while it all goes on; but here are the headlines:


Our Amazon Storefront is soon going to be emptied to be refilled and corrected to show our full stock inventory. This will mean that some records that have been off sale for a while will reappear and be ready to ship by Xmas for that special someone. There will be links on the site here to get to all of our inventory so it can be found in one easy place for you to get your hands on it!


We’re always working on new releases and soon we will have a few more to add to our long and illustrious catalogue. We’re not going to give too much away, but believe us when we say they are sounding fantastic. More info as and when.


The New Artists page has been updated with our contact information for you to send in your stuff. We’re always happy to hear new bands, and this could be your chance. Think you have what it takes? Take a look at where to send your music to!


This will be the longest and most time consuming part of this whole operation, refilling the catalogue on the site. When it’s complete, you’ll be able to see the full list in all it’s glory, ready for you to use as reference, link to buy or maybe even see if we’ll reissue. We will be looking into setting up a specific contact for reissues, so, once the catalogue is up, you will have the chance to get a rarity dug out of the archives and back into production. More info on that when it arrives.


Our social media pages will remain open, but we may look to expand into other areas. If you’re not following us yet, head to @revolverrecords on Twitter and find us on Facebook. Here is the most likely place to find all the info about us as and when it happens.


And for now, that’s it. Lengthy post yes, but exciting times are ahead here at Revolver Records. Stay with us, it’s going to get very interesting.