Your God Rules: Your God Rules


Kerrang! Magazine Date Unknown

Written By Jason Arnopp

“Once in a while, a band turn up with obvious commercial potential, without playing the MTV-friendly game.

LA’s Your God Rules are such a band, combining well-written songs with a love of industrial noise. Singer/guitarist Rob McGuigan wrings his heart dry over “Where Is Your Heart,” “Pure Innocence,” and the abrasive “Your Dog,” and will probably spend half his career trying to get the press to focus on his music rather than his looks.

Talented and elusive, the best thing about Your God Rules is not knowing exactly what’s going to happen next. When was the last time you had that feeling?”



Total Guitar Magazine October 1997

Written By Jon Jannaway

“Your God Rules are one of the few American alternative bands that are pushing music in a new direction. This album is going to appeal to those who love Pearl Jam as much as Ministry. The spirit of The Cult also raises it’s head and despite the almost industrial drum and guitar sounds there’s more than enough melodies to grasp the ear. Although it’s an interesting effort, it lacks dynamics and the dance-inspired interludes become quite tiresome. Bodes well for the future though.”