Wrathchild: The Biz Suxx (But We Don’t Care)


Brum Beat Magazine Number 96 November 1988

Written By Laura Mansion

“The Worcestershire darlings of sleaze and suggestion are back! Wrathchild, nastier, naughtier than ever are upon us once more with their brand new offering of gutsy, glitzy glam rock.

“The Biz Suxx” is a wonderfully titled progression from their earlier, softer stuff of Robin George produced days. It’s tongue-in-cheek Americanisms amuse and entertain, giving a Hanoi Rocks sometimes Ramones feel to their music. Wrathchild are, to a point, a musical cliche. Their saving grace being that they can in fact play, and that they do well.

The album opens up with Rocky Shades blasting a bloodcurdling bawl of “WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? IT’S ONLY ROCK ‘N’ ROLL- YEAAAAAAAHHH…” (Just to get you in the mood, like.) He then rips straight into the title track of the album- instantly memorable and a good choice for a possible single.

Particularly raunchy moments occur during the invitation ridden “Angel” and “Hooked.” Listen out for the extremely interesting “Urghhh…” at the end of “Ring My Bell,” for an accurate indication of what it’s all about!

The album is liberally seasoned with not so much sexual innuendo as blatant suggestion. “Your lips are wet and you’re making me sweat…” “Sticky Fingerz” (Say no more!) and “She’s no angel,” being the most oft quoted lyric in “Angel” don’t exactly inspire the most wholesome of images, but then that’s half the fun!

Nothing here is particularly new as far as ideas go. Wrathchild aren’t going to take the airwaves by storm in a wave of innovation with “The Biz Suxx,” but their essence is one hundred percent entertainment- take a lick and see what I mean…”


Publication And Date Unknown

Written By Kelv Hellrazer

“Wrathchild are back and dontcha fuckin’ forget it. Gone is the stupidness that seemed to be the demise of the band along with other things. The band will become that Sweet and Slade missing link that no band has filled until this day. Even when I was getting ready to give them up for dead, they’ve surprised my beyond belief.

The title tells the tale of the music biz and it’s sharks and it’s done with so much conviction. “Millionaire,” is a U.S. style anthem, that the Sunset Strip would lap up. “Hooked,” has the ultimate riff mixing with some killer axe work from Lance Rockett. Rocky does his Taime Down style screams. The number is really anthemic and imprints itself on your memory.

Elsewhere there’s “Ring My Bell,” which is Generation X on heat, whilst “Hooligan,” is yet another anthem of massive proportions. But my two favourite cuts are “New Sensation,” and “Sticky Fingers,” two oldies re-done and re-vamped making it seem like the guys had never been away.

All in all a glorious achievement, the ultimate LP of it’s genre and my album of the year (until next month- Ed) Wrathchild have become the bastard sons of Sweet and Slade, destroying all competition. Rocky, you’re right mate; now how about that “Rock The City Down” duet?!”


R.A.W. Magazine November 7 1988

Written By Malcolm Dome

“The real thing and the sugar-free imitation. Take ’em as you will.

There’s Wrathchild. The band were “there” before Poison, before TigerTailz, before most of the acts being touted as the glam time party animalz. They may not have shaken the world with their musical dexterity, but they sure as fury glitzed it, shaking the foundations with their famous Blazooka. Just one hit single and we’d be talking about the “New Gary Glitter.” It never happened last time around (on their debut LP, “Stakk Attakk”). Instead, the band got embroiled in a legal mess, tried to leave FM/Revolver and sign to RCA…before re-signing to the FM/Revolver label. An expensive lesson in reality!

So now, they’re back. Misappropriating riffs and blatantly snatching old rocker’s melodies…and make-up kits! Decibel delinquents and lipstick bandits, still roaring and raving in a style that few can resist. The songs hardly matter. The production is irrelevant, once you feel that groove the rest is history. This lot have such a sense of dynamics and neighbour-disturbin’ dementia that all ya need to do is throw out the Oxford English Dictionary, get in some serious booze and sleazy wimmin…and leave the rest to nature.  Love ’em.

And then you realise that songs like “Mi££ionaire,” “(Na Na) Nukklear Rokket,” and “Hooligans” are actually rather fine Sweet ‘n’ smelly ditties that the ‘Children might still have something of a future beyond merely sniffing at ladeez’ stockings from ‘neath the table!”



Metal Hammer Magazine November 7 1988

Written By Mark Day

“Hey hooligan boyz and trash queenz! Come on all you lazy D.J.s! The Wrath-attakk is bakk! Gone but far from forgotten, the original U.K. bubblegum rokkas have trashed the legal profession, trashed a dodgy manager, paid back the mortgage on the stakk heels, slimmed up, muscled out and shot backk into sight straddling a nuclear rokket ready to deklare war on anyone stupid enough to smirk or snigger at the mention of the Wrath-revival. Get the pikture?

Ever since I came close to being impaled on the barbed wire across the front of the stage when the Wrath-anarchy blitz hit Glasgow (many, many tins of hairspray ago), I’ve been a confirmed Wrath-anarchist. Now they’re back after a layoff that makes your average Def Leppard semi-retirement look like a lunch break, and their “Hysteria” on a budget, “The Biz Suxx” has more potential hit singles than Leppard’s multi-platinum mega-platter. Of course, with the biz sukking a big one where the Wrathchildren are concerned, they’re not likely to see quite as many of their masterworks vandalising the Top 40. But as Mr. Shades would say…”who cares???”

Tracks like “Na-na-na-na-Nuclear Rokket!” “Sitcky Fingers” and “Ring My Bell,” take blatant sexual innuendo to new heights of non-subtlety. Even the “Angel” in “Angel” isn’t, if you see what I mean, and if “she’s no angel,” Wrathchild are four horny little devils set loose in a recording studio to sing about “it”!

Ever since Kiss dropped the humour and the make up, there’s been a big, huge gap that Kiss without the fun and frills haven’t been able to fill. When it comes to tongue in cheek (their tongue, your cheek!) gonzoid, pop-metal splatter rokk, Wrathchild are the prime mover. It’s time to turn those trash cans into drums again and beat along, get your sticky fingers on some edible knickers (in joke) and eat along, get on your stompin’ heels and dance your feet along, kuz the nuclear rokket’s about to hit the U.K.-O.K.?! Now Rocky, Lance, Eddie and Marc have their finger on the annihilation button, there’s nothing left to do but party!”



Kerrang! Magazine November 7 1988

Written By Ray Zell

“The last time I witnessed Wrathchild live was over a year ago at London’s Astoria theatre where the fadin’ four successfully used their guitars as shovels to dig a very deep, dark ‘n’ dauntin’ hole for themselves. As far as the Zell was concerned, the once mighty ones had purchased a one-way ticket to the has-been zone. Then we hear of their impendin’ new album “The Biz Suxx” on FM, the label (originally Heavy Metal Records) they fought tooth, nail, studs ‘n’ chains to free themselves from contractually! “The Biz Suxx?” Ha! I imagined that when the Wraths unleashed their ’88 image they were gonna have chips on their shoulders instead of spikes!

But hey, hey, hey! Chips or no chips, my little French fries, Wrathchild sure don’t have egg on their face with this peach!

The last elpee, “Stakk Attakk,” released waaaay back in eighty-bleedin’-four, which Robin “robot” George stripped of anythin’ remotely human with Dalek production and Cyberman engineerin’, has been squashed flatter than a thin-crust veggie pizza by Guy “Thick Crust, Meat ‘n’ Mushrooms” Bidmead, who has captured the Evesham ‘eroes in full flight, full throttle and full fuckin’ fightin’ force! Rough as Dave Reynolds’ wig and raw as a sandpaper condom, yet this baby also pulsates with gen-u-ine creativity!

If you can handle the fact that if Rocky an’ pals really didn’t care- they wouldn’t have needed to pen a toon called “The Bix Sixx,” and just greet it as the killer openin’ cut it is- then yer all set for the great Wrath-safari! Like the breathtakin’ sights of “Ring My Bell,” as provocative as the Avon lady of yer wildest dreams and a contender for a hit 45 if I ever aimed a shell-like at one! Then there’s the stimulatin’ view of “Nukklear Rokket,” all patented Wrath-singalongarama and the lipstick ‘n’ bulletz-Glam-bam-overkill lyrics (and Faster Pussycat guitar break) of “Holligan.” And natch, natch, natcherally we have the obligatory guided (missile) tour of “OK UK” – the power-ballad of Wrathchild’s misadventures, in the oh-so patriotic shape of a rockin’-all-over-the-world stomper. Why, I can visualise the punters’ grubby little fists punchin’ the bazooka-fumes-kissed-air already!

Havin’ said that, you may experience a little turbulence around the undecided ballad-rocker “Angel”: a Generation X-ish “meaningful” intro and a bumpy ride through a song that may have cruised easier if they’d simplified it an’ gone to one extreme or another.

But what the goddamn nit-pickin’ hell- “The Biz Suxx” is a kolossal kredit to the one-time stackheeled boot boyz! Rocky-baby is all cartoon brags ‘n’ bravado, displayin’ new found talents as he embellishes his ever unique “six-foot-two-inch” vocals with Tyler-esque ack-ack yelps, while guitarist Lance Rocket is totally out to launch as he collides Zell-flavoured rock ‘n’ roll (i.e. Tattooed Love Boys) against Heavy Metal with truly shatterin’ results!

All the Wraths have to do now is once again prove them-little-selves as a force to be reckoned with in the kontinually kompetitive live arena. Rocky may boast that the new bands have merely been “Keeping the bed warm,” but I think Wrathchild are gonna find that the “new boys” ain’t gonna willingly let go of the hot water bottle!”

KKKK & 1/2