Slammer: Nightmare Scenario


RAW Magazine April 3-April 16 1991

Written By Malcolm Dome

“Once regarded as among the UK’s most promising Thrash bands, Yorkshire’s Slammer have in recent times floundered more on the incompetence of certain elements around them than through any real inability on their behalf. Fortunately though, they’ve picked themselves up, dusted down their sound and come up with a respectable record that, whilst never betraying their Thrash roots, also displays a refreshing penchant of more complex, off-the-wall rhythms. Still perhaps a little way short of truly emphasizing their potential, “Nightmare Scenario” at least shows the band are indeed capable of being a force to be reckoned with.”



Metal Hammer Magazine April 1991

Written By James Sherry

“This latest offering from Slammer could just as easily be the latest offering from Metallica. Paul Tunnicliffe’s vocal style and harmonies are the main reason for the Metallica comparison. This man should take up a living as a James Hetfield impressionist, it’s that close!

None of the above is meant to be taken as a criticism. I mean, Metallica haven’t recorded anything for years so it’s great to hear a band that can do this kind of stuff so well.

Highly complex and packed full with atmosphere, “Nightmare Scenario” is an almost instant album. As soon as the opening track “What’s Your Pleasure,” erupts from the speaker, it becomes pretty apparent that it’s a winner.

Riff plied high upon riff, Slammer seem to be having a competition among themselves to see how many tempo changes they can fit into one song. Sometimes this method can end up sounding extremely wanky, but with this it works.

At a time when most Thrash seems tired and bored with most bands just sticking to the same old formulas, this album comes as great surprise. For all lovers, pick this one up; my enthusiasm for this style has been boosted, so could yours!”



Parasite Fanzine 1991

Written By Steve Johnson

“Being a Slammer fan, I was expecting the goods and that’s exactly what they’ve done, if you enjoyed the debut LP “The Work Of Idle Hands,” then this will knock you out, not only with their music but with their lyrics.

The track listing is as follows; “What’s You Pleasure,” “Greed,” “In The Name Of God,” “Just Another Massacre,” and “Architect Of Pain,” close side 1, while on side 2; “Every Breath,” “I Know Who I Am,” “Corruption,” “Think For Yourself,” and finally “L’Ultima.”

Slammer are back in business and they ain’t gonna take any shit!”


Metal Forces Magazine Date Unknown

Written By Rob Clymo

“Slammer may have made some bad moves in the past but as a unit they’ve returned to form, stronger than ever in fact, with this LP  for Heavy Metal Records. And although the band have every right to appear like a bunch of bitter and twisted muso’s, “Night Mare Scenario,” actually manages to make ’em sound like a team who’ve still got the fire.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid, it doesn’t get backed up by the strongest of material. I’ve lived with this tape for a while now and having played it on numerous occasion still can’t find anything you could honestly call “classic.”

Don’t get me wrong, Slammer have evolved into a tight and professional sounding outfit, and the playing is fine, right the way through. The band are also into giving their material added touches of subtlety, something with was decidedly lacking on their rather mechanical WEA debut. In short, I suppose Slammer have learnt some valuable lessons from that whole escapade.

But be that as it may, I’m still left feeling rather unmoved by these songs, and what worked well in EP form doesn’t really transcend to a whole LP. “What’s Your Pleasure,” benefits from some subtle bass playing and “In The Name Of God,” punches hard. “Architect Of Pain,” meanwhile, takes the band off on an interesting tangent.

Likewise, side two’s “Think For Yourself,” has the potential to crush in the live environment, but aside from that, there’s also alot of what basically amounts to average material. Oh sure, Slammer are thrashy, and at times, not a little classy either, but ultimately “Nightmare Scenario,” isn’t that special an album. Additionally, Paul Tuncliffe’s vocals remind you of a certain chap by the name of Hetfield, something the bands detractors will doubtless love pointing out. Oh well.

Overall then; competent but disappointing.”