Marshall Law: Marshall Law


Metal Forces Magazine December 1989

Written By Dave Shack

“Anyone that has followed Marshall Law for the duration will be pleased that the band have finally got a product out. The band have always delivered live, and so it’s good to see their live “standards” committed to vinyl.

The atmospheric instrumental “Armageddon,” leads into “Under The Hammer” which pulls no punches, the twin harmony guitars of Dave Martin and Andy Southwell hitting where it hurts.

Outside the Thrash scene there isn’t another British band as aggressive as Marshall Law, that they resemble the mighty Priest is but a compliment to a band that share the same birthright and, bearing in mind the relative timidity of “Ram It Down,” they might just be the band to replace them.

Drummer Mick Donovan deserves praise for his powerful performance throughout the ten tracks on offer. Indeed, the man (who’s even done gigs with a plaster cast on his leg) sets the pace admirably on the album opener, and races again on “Hearts And Thunder,” which is one of the band’s most melodic offerings.

Vocalist Andy Pike turns in a strong performance, but I can’t help feeling that the production has done him no favours at all. To say the sound is atypical for an indie release is unkind, but it would also be true. Granted, I’m reviewing this from a poor quality advance tape, but there seems to be little separation which, at full throttle, loses not only the bass, but also much of Andy Pike’s work.

I must admit to being impressed with the songwriting and song structuring of a band that I’ve seen so many times live. There are some great riffs, some volumous choruses, and some excellent musical ideas here, check out “Screaming”, “Feel It” and the previously mentioned “Hearts And Thunder” for confirmation of that.

I’m more than pleased for Marshall Law, their hard work has paid dividends here with an album they can be proud of and use as a firm base upon which to build. With a better budget next time around and a batch of new songs already on the way, I’m convinced that Marshall Law will be among the vanguard of grass roots British Metal bands that will make quite an impact in the next decade.”