Judge Nothing: I’m A Big Girl Now


Kerrang! Magazine Date Unknown

Written By Paul Travers

“Illinois trio Judge Nothing deal in an edgy, paranoid noise similar to that peddled by Everclear. “I’m A Big Girl Now,” is loaded with distortion, but ringing harmonics add a sweetness to the fuzz, and there’s enough light and shade here to merit recommendation.”



Publication And Date Unknown

Written By Matthew Honey

“I wonder how many people saw the colour advert in Hard Roxx for this album and thought that is was going to be some sort of hardcore bollocks. I certainly did so and the thought of reviewing this album held no pleasure whatsoever. Wrong again matey I thought as the quality post-grunge melody flavoured punk hardcore rock type thing flowed from my speakers.

Originally written in 1995, released in late 1996 and finally getting an airing in 1997, it has been a long time coming but it has certainly been worth it as the American three piece combine all that is good from several genres to produce an excellent contemporary album without the negative thoughts that usually evokes. Not strictly the type of music we like to get our knickers in a twist about here at rocking stoat but if you can appreciate good music whatever the style then it is time to stop. So for those daring to take a small gamble you well get 16 quirky but inventive, well written songs that manage at some stage or another to combine Soul Asylum (“Junkpile”), Nirvana (“We’ll Know), Stiff Little Fingers (“Juggle”), Silverchair (almost everything), the Sex Pistols and the Ramones (“Ulcer”). At this rate these boys can be the Enuff Z’Nuff for a new generation and their blend of guitar driven alterno rock have just found another convert.

Somehow I get the feeling that UK college rock just took another bold step forward but I just don’t understand why Kerrang! haven’t been able to see the big picture yet. Wake up chaps, you’re letting us down, there is more to life than Bush and Reef.”