John Taylor: Feelings Are Good And Other Lies


Hard Roxx Magazine June 1997

Written By Matthew Honey

“Who would have believed that the Duran Duran bassist John Taylor would bring out a cutting edge album? No, you neither. Well he has and I guess he deserves credit for taking the risk. Along for the ride are several infamous players including Steve Jones and Gerry Laffy but you wouldn’t know when you compare this album to their day jobs.

Most of the songs reveal an artist with few limitations and a desire to experiment with other musical styles. For example, the track “2:03,” is nothing less than industrial music and very good it is too whilst “Everybody Is Getting It Except Me,” sounds like David Bowie doing Frank Zappa…My favourite however is “Always Wrong,” a guitar heavy slab of melodic punk rock that gets those old neck muscles twitching. Putting on the loud hailer backing vocals works a treat and I get the feeling that the more I listen the more I’ll get hooked. It doesn’t all woek but the bits that don’t seem to work soon threaten to become highlights such as the falsetto backing vocals on “See You Again.” Mind you, it will be a long time before I admit to enjoying the acoustic number “Losing You.”

Traditionalists will no doubt throw their arms up in horror at this album, but the more open minded will enjoy it’s many secrets including the hidden track.