Fear Disorder: In A Rage Review

IN A RAGE Review

Kerrang! Magazine February 14 1998

Written By James Cooper

“Another day, another band who sound like they’ve been listening to far too much Pantera for their own good. The only difference here is that Fear Disorder have thrown in a handful of other influences for good measure.

“In A Rage,” is a not wholly unattractive melee of clinical precision and sonic violence. Those flagrant Pants influences have been set against a backdrop of industrial crash ‘n’ bang and repetitive pummelings- the result sounds like a more guitar-orientated Nine Inch Nails with Phil Anselmo on vocals.

If there is a problem, it is- as always- a fundamental lack of originality. But as long as they can live with infuriating comparisons from jaded critics, then it’s going to be plain sailing from now on.”