Broken Bones: Trader In Death


Metal Hammer Magazine July 2-July 15 1990

Written By Drunk ‘N’ Disorderly

“This is described on the biog as the band’s “classic first mini LP,” but we were under the impression that nothing the Bones had recorded was classic and they were at best an average band. Surprisingly, the band kicks off with an acoustic intro, soon put to a stop by a broad Scottish voice denouncing the use of such wimpy instruments. So from then on it’s punky, spunky hard-core from opener “Money, Pleasure And Pain,” til the closing “Blue Life.” They fuse punk protest lyrics with crossover riffs making all the songs very head-bang-able! Nor are they short of a catchy chorus or two, as on “Stabbed In The Back,” and “Crack Attack.” As for it’s worth today, we’re unsure, with metal and hard-core having progressed in pogos and bounds, utilizing a wider variety of styles and reaching new plateaus of sound. This seems dated, but is a worthy reminder of how it all started.”



Kerrang! Magazine July 14 1990

Writer Unknown

“Trader In Death” is a re-released mini-album, but it was apparently only briefly available in it’s original form and is now on a different label, so worth a mention.

Opening with some plinky-plinky guitar, they nearly had me fooled for a moment until someone in the studio grabs the offending instrument shouting, “Gimme that” I’ve told you before we don’t want none of that acoustic crap on the album!” And not before time too, some might say.

From there on this 1987 recording gives you exactly what you’d expect from the original line-up of an immense Hardcore band. Ex-Discharge axeman Bones provides the manic string bashing, while much missed frontman/thing Nobby hollers and bawls. Sources suggest they are finally getting close to this brilliance with the new line-up. I suppose anything’s possible.”