World Of Wonders [Audio CD] (1986)


 Track Listing:

  1. Call It Democracy
  2. Lily Of The Midnight Sky
  3. World Of Wonders
  4. Berlin Tonight
  5. People See Through You
  6. See How I Miss You
  7. Santiago Dawn
  8. Dancing In Paradise
  9. Down Here Tonight

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By the time World Of Wonders was released, Bruce Cockburn had nailed down the arena rock stylings of his American counterpart Bruce Springsteen. While released around the same time as both Born To Run and Born In The USA, World Of Wonders saw Cockburn stick closer to his roots than he had for some time, dealing in folk melodies with that arena rock edge that he would later exploit to great effect. Cockburn’s stock was rising, and this record only helped that along.



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