Hot Night In The City [Audio Cassette]


Track Listing:

  1. Bystander: Trail Of Broken Hearts
  2. Allied Nation: Find Yourself Another Fool
  3. Freelance: Lightning Strikes
  4. Sojourn: In The City
  5. Everest: Don’t Know What To Do
  6. Moscara: Long Way From Home
  7. The Mike Reeves Band: Fallen Angel
  8. 8084: Lover’s Feel
  9. Vehicle: Turn Back Time
  10. China Blue: Deceiver

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Hot Night In The City

WKFM134 1990

An album of pure rock and roll, this compilation is perfect for those nights out on the town. There is a certain sense of sleaze underpinning the tracks featured on Hot Night In The City, a bluesy edge that becomes the driving force within the album. While it is a cast of relative unknowns, it’s easy to see why these bands could become your new favourites.

For fans of: Steelback, AC/DC, Foreigner