Various Artists – N.W.O.B.H.M. (1991) [Vinyl]


  1. Handsome Beasts: All Riot Now
  2. Twisted Ace: Firebird
  3. Persian Risk: Calling For You
  4. Shiva: Rock Lives On
  5. Grim Reaper: The Reaper
  6. Buffalo: Battle Torn Heroes
  7. Quartz: Buried Alive
  8. Witchfinder General: Music
  9. Dragter: Ambitions
  10. Jaguar: Backstreet Woman
  11. Split Beaver: Hounds Of Hell

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This collection of metal tracks is pure denim and leather territory, the finest that the new wave of British heavy metal has to offer. You’ll find everything you’d expect from this genre, duelling guitars, power vocals and high tempos, and all packaged in a free flowing album. For a genre that many saw as a flash in the pan, this album certainly proves them wrong.


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