Sally Cinnamon (1987) [Audio Cassette]


Track Listing:

  1. Sally Cinnamon
  2. Here It Comes
  3. All Across The Sands

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Sally Cinnamon

The Stone Roses’ second single, Sally Cinnamon took a long time to make it to record racks in 1987. But it was well worth the wait! That enticing spiral guitar leads us into a classic of minor proportions. The Stone Roses, thankfully leaving their Sixties cocoon behind them, or at least relegating it to the B side where the odd twinge of The Hollies can be found.

Impressively, the 12 inch is quite superb and certainly broke new ground for the band. It is a deft slice of pop bubblegum, ably demonstrating the Roses’ musical sensibilities and commercial consciousness.

This second single from the legendary Manchester band shows just what they could do, with John Squire’s gifted guitar work shining throughout. Shortly after this single hit stores, the band took off, with the eponymous debut album being released just a few years later. The Stone Roses defined the indie music scene for quite some time, and this single is demonstration as to why.


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