Ready As Hell (1984) [Audio CD]


Track Listing:

  1. Ready As Hell
  2. Here Comes The Wind
  3. The Liberty Rebellion
  4. Don’t Tempt The Devil
  5. Get Ahead Of Your Time
  6. Black Cat Woman
  7. Rude And Crude
  8. Space Cadet
  9. Fascination Alley
  10. Denouncement

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Ready As Hell

Sometimes described as a Jim Dandy solo album, Ready As Hell shows both Dandy and Black Oak Arkansas at their creative peak. Rock records with true rhythm are few and far between, this one has it in spades. This was by no means their first record, and the evolution of the Jim Dandy sound seems here to have reached its logical purple patch. A mix of rock, metal and classical, this album is a triumph of style and substance.


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