Mirador (1987) [Vinyl]


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  1. Just Like An Arrow
  2. Soldier On The Line
  3. Changes
  4. Sacred Hour
  5. Great Adventure
  6. How Far Jerusalem
  7. The Spirit
  8. The Word
  9. The Prize
  10. Kingdom Of Madness

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Mirador is an impressive compilation album, that demonstrates just how Magnum evolved as a band from their 1979 debut, through to their career peak with 1985’s On A Storyteller’s Night. What is interesting about this album is the fact that these tracks, despite being over a number of years, shows how Magnum’s catalogue continues along a theme throughout. These tracks intertwine as if they were made for the same album, and that is something few bands can pull off over their career. A great induction for the uninitiated. This Vinyl edition provides the perfect depth of sound to convey the power and story of the songs in all their glory, a must own.


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