Some Kind Of Fever [Audio Cassette] (1990)

Track Listing:

  1. Big Sister
  2. Above These Things
  3. Everything’s Alright
  4. Magic Eye
  5. I Can Do Everything
  6. Movie Theme
  7. Talk About You
  8. Rome
  9. Train
  10. Some Kinda Fever
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The second album in their 11 year career was certainly Crazyhead’s high point, a mix of beautifully put together indie rock and social commentary set to the background of political and social upheaval. Some Kind Of Fever straddled the gap between The Smiths more visceral moments and the eventual rise of Britpop later in the decade, mixing garage rock, blues and indie to create something unique amongst the copycat Happy Mondays/The Stone Roses bands flooding the market at the time. If this was to be their end, Crazyhead were to go out with a smile on their face.


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