Guitar Exploration [Vinyl]


Track Listing:

  1. Marino: That Voodoo Bitch
  2. Innes Sibun: Louisiana Breakdown
  3. Carl D’Arcy: Piece Of Mind
  4. Rob James: Liberty
  5. Ron Hales: Purity Of Innocence
  6. Mario De Stefano: Roger
  7. Steven Crosby: I Miss My World
  8. Tim Hopper: From Hopper To Hooker
  9. Paul Gallagher: Forever Knowing
  10. Pete Cook: Running Into Fire
  11. John Prichard & Dave Spencer: Lords Of Khazi
  12. Marino & Ron Hales: Marley (Jamming In The Name Of The Lord)

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Guitar Exploration

WKFM169 2009

Guitar Exploration is a fantastic compilation, showcasing some of the best guitar work in the world, everything from blues to rock & roll through to metal. While most instrumental music can seem self indulgent, this record shows that there is more to the genre than meets the ear. The tracks, carefully curated by Marino, cover a broad range of styles, meaning the album flows from one track to the next. This album is a fine example of guitar led instrumental music and an essential part of any collection.

For fans of: Marino, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn


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