The Eleventh Hour! (1983) [Vinyl]


Track Listing:

  1. The Prize
  2. Breakdown
  3. The Great Disaster
  4. Vicious Companions
  5. So Far Away
  6. Hit And Run
  7. One Night Of Passion
  8. The Word
  9. Young And Precious Souls
  10. Road To Paradise

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By the time Magnum released The Eleventh Hour! they had really formed quite a strong following. This only served to enhance their reputation as mainstream prog rockers with a varied range of influences. The album is almost symphonic in its make-up, big, brash and bold throughout. This album really cemented Magnum’s place at the top table of rock, before they hit it big with their next album. With everything that Magnum offer, this album is the sound of a band realising their potential. The vinyl of this album is a must own for any Magnum, presenting The Eleventh Album in its full glory.


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