The Dream [Vinyl] (1983)


Track Listing:

  1. Taken Your Time
  2. Tender Touch
  3. Makes No Sense
  4. All Over Again
  5. Tipsy On The Brick Of Love
  6. You
  7. Here Is The Love
  8. Desires
  9. Suzanne
  10. Wonderful World
  11. Last Monday

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As far as pressure goes for debut albums, this one had been preceded by two high quality releases, so the pressure for this to deliver was high. Dream delivered an album that surpassed both previous single releases without so much as breaking a sweat. Embracing the burgeoning dance trend was a masterstroke, adding what could be described as an almost trance-like tweak to their already mashed up indie/post-punk stylings. While this would prove to be their only album, Dream made it one to savour from start to finish.


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