Dominator (1988) [12″ Album]


Track Listing:

  1. Rising Up
  2. Nova Battlestar
  3. Reach For The Sky
  4. Warrior Of The Wasteland
  5. The Invaders
  6. The Fugitive
  7. Dominator
  8. Road Of Eagles

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Not many bands can pull off a sci-fi concept album for a sophomore, but that’s exactly what Cloven Hoof did. Dominator showcases a mix of power and thrash metal that Cloven Hoof hadn’t previously exploited. The sci-fi concept sat well in a melting pot of almost marching rhythms and high intensity music, the band doing what they became so well known for from the first second of the opening track. With their follow up album becoming their last for nearly 2 decades, this album serves as a reminder of just what Cloven Hoof could do at their peak.

For fans of: Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray, Saxon


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