Blues For Lovers (1991) [Vinyl]


Track Listing:

  1. Angel Of Mercy
  2. Sanctify My Soul
  3. Lovers Forever (Jan’s Theme)
  4. Angels Of Mercy Part 2 (Lovers Become One)
  5. Blissed Out In Havana
  6. Alone In The Dark
  7. Sanctified Part 2 (Sweet Seduction)
  8. Blues For Lovers

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Where After Forever’s Gone included some upbeat rock numbers, Blues For Lovers is as mellow as they get. The rhythms are smooth and relaxed, while the instrumentation continues to show off Marino’s skills as a guitarist. It also marks a departure from the instrumental side for Marino, introducing a vocal line to accompany the music. This could push it in line with Prince in terms of it’s smooth and mellow feel, the album swaggering to each track with a guitar flourish that clearly shows the talent.


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