Your God Rules

  Your God Rules

Your God Rules Your God RulesThe one and only record from Your God Rules, this self titled effort, is a rasping and raucous affair. With the fuzz and noise of a grunge release, but the retrained and assured performance of a straight up rock band, Your God Rules create a fantastically schizophrenic record that succeeds in both camps. It may have been a short career, but this album proves it was somewhat spectacular.

For fans of: Placebo, Pixies, Suede

Track Listing:

  1. Good To Be Alive
  2. Silence To Tears
  3. Where Is Your Heart?
  4. Live For Today
  5. Your Dog
  6. Viva Lost Reality
  7. Yeaow
  8. Pure Innocence
  9. Somebody New
  10. Strange Goodbye

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