Heavy Pettin’

Big Bang

Heavy Pettin' Big Bang

WKFM130 (1989)

By the time Heavy Pettin’ released Big Bang in 1989, they had established themselves as a high quality AOR band amongst the noise of glam metal that was becoming the norm around them. With this album, the band seemed more at ease with the melodic side of their craft, following a path that Aerosmith were forging with their biggest hits. Catchy hooks, sing along choruses and a well kept groove certainly make this album one of the finest hard rock/AOR records to grace the genre. An essential.

For fans of: Aerosmith, Y & T, Def Leppard

Track Listing:

  1. Born To Burn
  2. Romeo
  3. Lonely People
  4. This Is America
  5. Looking For Love
  6. Madonna On The Radio!
  7. Don’t Call It Love
  8. Heaven Scent
  9. Two HeartsFM Revolver Logo