Revolver (1998)




VA Revolver

REV219 1998

A compilation bearing the name of the label that created it could be seen as a farewell. For Revolver, this was clearly not the case. Showcasing some of the best music to come out of the label in the 90’s, this album chronicles the exploits of everyone’s favourite indie label. With music from 54-40, Old Man Stone and John Taylor, this album is big on top quality rock records and shows a label far from it’s climax.

For fans of: John Taylor, 54-40, Old Man Stone

Track Listing:

  1. 54-40: Lies To Me
  2. Old Man Stone: Paisley Park
  3. John Taylor: Feelings Are Good
  4. Judge Nothing: Junkpile
  5. Laurels: TV Whore
  6. Fear Disorder: In A Rage
  7. Your God Rules: Where Is Your Heart
  8. Sons Of Geronimo: Paradise Of Exiles
  9. Peat Moss: Mountain Sun
  10. 54-40: Cry A Little
  11. John Taylor: Don’t Talk Much
  12. Old Man Stone: Spin The World
  13. Judge Nothing: 7 To Think
  14. Laurels: Grave Digger
  15. Fear Disorder: Lovely Devouring Gloom
  16. Your God Rules: Good To Be Alive
  17. Peat Moss: Sunday Driver (T-Bird Song)
  18. Sons Of Geronimo: Rose Garden

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