Black Night: Deep Purple Tribute According To New York

Black Night

VA Black Night

REV202 1997

One of the godfathers of metal, Deep Purple, have been covered the world over and are cited as an influence on so many contemporary bands. It is perhaps fitting then, that an all star cast from New York took on the mantle and reimagined some of Deep Purple’s biggest hits in their own style. This album rocks, simple as that. These modern takes on Deep Purple’s work are special, and completely original in their interpretation. This is an album of high quality that could stand alone.

For fans of: Deep Purple, Rainbow, Dio


Track Listing:


  1. Black Night: Joe Lynn Turner, Al Pitrelli, Vinnie Moore & Will Calhoun
  2. Strange Kind Of Woman: Richie Kotzen, Al Pitrelli & Will Calhoun
  3. Fireball: Cory Glover, Bernie Worrell, Al Pitrelli, Stevie Salas, Richie Kotzen & Will Calhoun
  4. Smoke On The Water: Richie Kotzen, Bernie Worrell & Cindy Blackman
  5. Child In Time: M. “Sade” Stevens, Tony Harnell, Bernie Worrell, Richie Kotzen & Will Calhoun
  6. Woman From Tokyo: Joe Lynn Turner, Richie Kotzen, T.M. Stevens, Tony Harnell, Bernie Worrell & Will Calhoun
  7. Space Truckin’: M. Stevens, Tony Harnell, Richie Kotzen & Cindy Blackman
  8. Stormbringer: Joe Lynn Turner, T.M. Stevens, Bernie Worrell, Richie Kotzen & Cindy Blackman
  9. Speed King: Joe Lynn Turner, Al Pitrelli, Vinnie Moore & Will Calhoun
  10. Burn: Cory Glover, Lars Y. Loudamp, Simon Gregory & Van Romaine
  11. Deep Purple NY: M. Stevens, Richie Kotzen, Will Calhoun & Bernie Worrell

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