Tim Chesley

Tim Chesley


Tim Chesley’s music can be described  as “Progressive Pop Music” (a mix between Pop & Progressive Rock – think for e.g. Anathema “Weather Systems”). He is a believer of God and a Christian, and this has subtly inspired the lyrics in his songs. The French/American singer songwriter has been working on his music for a number of years now.

The music from titles ‘Maybe One Day’, and ‘Rain’, have been re-released under Revolver Records, with the label supporting Tim Chesley’s future releases as well.

Below is a biography of how Chesley came from starting his music career, to partnering with us.

“During my years in Melbourne, I met some great musicians such as David Bridie (Not Drawning Waving, My Friend The Chocolate Cake), Daniel Gassin, Unified Gecko, San Lazaro, Belle Roscoe, Tim McMillan, Shivantha from ME3”.

“I miss my pals the LavaTones (Mark « Fitzo » on guitar + Dave « Professor » on sax) with whom we played some great gigs around Melbourne: our time together (rehearsals followed by wine tasting, gigs followed by beer tasting…) will always remain in my heart”.

“Over my musical career I had the chance to play in some memorable venues: the Gibus and the New Morning in Paris, RRR FM, Manchester Lane, 303, Wesley Anne etc. in Melbourne. I have also performed in the US (around Newport) & Mexico (Monterrey)”.

“Back in France in 2010 I worked with Noxize (aka Flesh is The Fever) on the VERTIGO OBSERVER « electro pop » project as a blend of our influences (electro for Noxize, pop for me)”.

“Between 2012 & 2014 I worked again on new songs with my cousins Cyrille Latour (bass) and Matthieu Latours (drums), reforming what used to be the family band « Aloxe » for a few gigs around Paris”.


Tim’s two releases on Revolver Records; Maybe One Day and Rain, are available now on all digital platforms.


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