The Vibrators Recharged

REV101 (1988)

This, The Vibrators first album with Revolver, shows a band in full control of their own sound, every song is a classic from cover to cover. The musicality of the album is fantastic, the rhythms and melodies making this a record that you don’t just listen to, but you dance to as well. It’s a triumph of the genre, the band at their creative best, a peak that would continue for years to come.

For fans of: Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, Green Day

Track Listing:

  1. String Him Along
  2. Hey Little Doll
  3. I Don’t Trust You
  4. Go Go Go
  5. Hey Nonny No
  6. Picture Of You
  7. Every Day I Die A Little
  8. Too Dumb
  9. Rip It Up, Tear It Up
  10. Someone Stole My Heart
  11. Electricity
  12. Tight Black Jeans
  13. Reach For That Star

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