Sammy Hagar

Sammy Hagar Street Machine

"Being a poor kid is a little humiliating and it instilled in me a desire to be somebody."

Sammy Hagar is an international household name, with his work through MontroseVan HalenChickenfoot and in his own name all speaking for itself. Raised in Fontana, California, Hagar was always determined to raise himself from his modest beginnings, and after playing in and fronting a string of bands in his early twenties, he saw his first tastes of success in the early-mid seventies with the band Montrose, before going on to have a solo career that would make any young rock fan envious. A total of eight solo albums on two huge labels (Capitol and Geffen) cemented Hagar's fame in his own right.

However, in 1986 two huge fanbases were combined when Hagar joined Van Halen, replacing David Lee Roth as their lead singer. Things would only go onwards and upwards from this point, and as such it seemed like exactly the right time for Revolver to release a reissue of arguably one of Hagar's best solo albums, Street Machine, to remind the world what the Red Rocker was famous for!