Heavy Load

Love Revolution

Heavy Load Love Revolution
REV238 (2003)

The debut album from Heavy Load is a mix of rock, soul and funk which is as smooth as it is full of groove. This record has a flair to it, something that comes across in every track, a certain confidence that makes this album a strong contender for perfect. With a whole host of guest appearances, this album is a wonderfully constructed soul record, just as it is a rock and funk record.

For fans of: Paul Weller, Seal, The Style Council

Track Listing:

  1. Love Revolution
  2. To Be In Love
  3. Across The Water
  4. Die With You
  5. Survival
  6. Beautiful Love
  7. Spinning Wheel
  8. Cry
  9. How Many Times?
  10. Can You See A Future?
  11. Sugar Town
  12. Taking Me Over
  13. Look In Tomorrow
  14. Voodoo Sunlight RisingRevolver (classic logo) - TEXT ONLY (large)