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From the moment that Hip-Hop first formed, DJ’s and producers from all over the world have been sampling and reworking the best of R&B, Funk, Jazz and Soul to create new and engaging music. West Midlands based group ‘Raw Energee’ are no different, blending the very best of Soul and Jazz with raw hip-hop break beats and engaging, thoughtful lyrics from one of the areas most promising new rappers.

The first single from their debut album, ‘Climb The Wall’, is a perfect example of that, the track starts out with a raw Drum N’ Bass style break beat and bass line, but there is much more to this track. The soothing vocals of Jacqui George and the soaring Jazz phrases played brilliantly on the saxophone by Gee Chambers; add extra dimensions to this already great track, forming a well-crafted composition that flows effortlessly with nothing ever feeling out of place, creating an infectious hold that never lets go. ‘Climb the Wall’ has already generated strong interest and interviews on Radio WM, New Style Radio, WCR Radio and Stafford FM. The music video from Raw Energee for the track has already had over 8,000 views on YouTube.

Mastermind behind the music, Gee Chambers, is a saxophonist who has worked with various bands covering a large variety of genres and styles including Funk, Rock, Jazz, Motown, Reggae and Gospel. Working as a session musician he has toured Europe several times, playing venues such as Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club in London, Glastonbury, and has a regular spot with different DJs at the Hippodrome.

Raw Energee’s unique and unconventional methods of creating new records are what set them apart from the rest. Their music has roots in jazz and funk but manages to fuse this with the best of Hip Hop. Recorded with talented Producer/Engineer Mitch ‘Magic’ Crane, the new album promises to satisfy funk lovers – Hip Hop lovers and Jazz lovers a like. The group will finally be releasing their debut album ‘Blood Sweat N’ Tears’ on the 28th October 2016.