The Hidden Hand



The Hidden Hand

The Hidden Hand pete kent

REV280 (2016)

Pete Kent is back with his second album, “The Hidden Hand,” which once again showcases his wonderfully unique style of playing, not only acting as the lead but as the drummer and bassist, tapping out incredibly technical riffs that most of the rock scene’s best could only dream of. Of the 11 tracks on offer here, 3 are covers, with his unique take on Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere, Bruce Hornsby & The Range’s The Way It Is and Level 42’s Hot Water really demonstrating Pete’s diverse range. While many guitarists with this kind of talent would shred, Pete shifts up and down the gears throughout this album, ensuring that it never becomes stale. It is an instantly listenable record, the lack of vocals working in it’s favour, leaving you to awe at the skill involved in the performance.

Where once the one man band was the mark of loneliness, it is now the most engaging and thriving of communities. With “The Hidden Hand,” Pete Kent spearheads the charge.


  1. Icon
  2. Everytime I See Your Face
  3. The Hidden Hand
  4. Summer Daze
  5. Hot Water King
  6. When The Lights Go Down
  7. Everywhere
  8. The Devil’s Chair
  9. Skyline
  10. The Way It Is
  11. One Trick PonyRevolver Logo