Free Energy

Free Energy

Pete Kent - Free Energy

The third album from Pete Kent, Free Energy continues to explore his capabilities as a composer and as a musician on ‘Free Energy.’ A range of elements from Pete’s own life have shaped the melodies and structures on this album, which features songs inspired by his childhood home and his grandmother along with one particular piece dedicated to a holiday argument with a Scotsman.

The album also confirms Kent’s ability to turn his hand to cover versions: he tackles Royal Blood’s ‘Little Monster,’ Jamiroquai’s ‘Virtual Insanity’ and Radiohead’s ‘High and Dry.’ Old fans and new listeners alike will be impressed by the way these songs have been arranged, stripped to their barest elements so that they can be recreated by one guitarist. This being said, there are those that will struggle to believe that they are in fact listening to just one guitarist on this album: the constant percussive playing style mingles beautifully with Pete’s dual melody lines to make an orchestra of one guitar.

Finally, old fans may be a little surprised to hear the rock instrumental of ‘3.6.9’ – whether this is merely a little experimentation from Kent or a hint of changing styles to come remains to be seen. For now, enjoy this album for what it is: a collection of pieces which all hold true meaning to the artist behind them.


  1. The Blakenhall Shuffle
  2. Mother Tongue
  3. Little Monster
  4. Virtual Insanity
  5. Take Me or Leave Me
  6. Scottish Noodles
  7. High and Dry
  8. Indian Summer
  9. Shadow Boxer
  10. 3.6.9