Pale, Pale Ale

Pale, Pale Ale

Peatmoss Pale, Pale Ale

REV203 (1997)

The only release from Peat Moss, Pale, Pale Ale is a laid back, radio friendly rock record that channels the spirit of college radio bands through the ages. This record is well put together, keeping a good tempo throughout, and really demonstrating a sense of rhythm. This album is an inoffensive record, and one that has an infectious happiness to it. A wonderful album, one that will brighten up any day.

For fans of: Deep Blue Something, New Radicals, R.E.M.

Track Listing:

  1. Mountain Sun
  2. Lawnmower Song
  3. Turnersville
  4. Keepsakes In The Garbage
  5. Beautiful
  6. Sunday Driver (T-Bird Song)
  7. Planting Flowers In The Dark
  8. Hops
  9. Sweet HomeRevolver (classic logo) - TEXT ONLY (large)