Old Man Stone: Spork Reviews


Wakefield Express Music Pages – Aug 15 1997

Written By Richard Clarkson

As revealed in last week’s express, Wakefield’s best kept secret, Old Man Stone, release their debut album on Monday just in time to give Oasis a run for their money.

Half From Wakefield, half from Bolton, the band have taken the city by storm recently and their debut album should be a ‘must buy’ for anyone who has seen them play live. Indie Rock tinged with Heavy Metal and melodies, there are some great hooks in the 15 tracks that the band have selected from their repertoire of more than 70 songs. Paisley Park Fair skips along and is so fresh that you can almost smell the ’60s. OMS follow Paisley Park with one of their live favourites, Already Dead, which begins with a Dale Winton supermarket sweep sample. Intriguing.

About The Queen Mother But, in the works of Rick Dowson (who pens most of the lyrics with the help of his mum), about the ‘brain dead saddoes who channel-hop from death to comedy and back to death on the TV without noticing the difference’. As a stark contrast, OMS also throw I do at us -which is possible one of the best love/hate songs ever written.

Elsewhere, we get the punky British way of life which hints at socialist values, but according to Rick is merely about ‘common sense and equality’. Judge for yourself – that I can face this very British way of life that kicks a man before he’s found his legs and steals the bed from him when he is sick. ‘River is about technophobes and drugs’ is not as straightforward as it may seem – It’s actually about an old guy who sits in the bandstand in Ramsbottom!

Drawing their influences from ‘The multi-cultural communities of Wakefield and Bolton’, their name doesn’t fit in with current musical trends and neither do they. The lyrics are cryptic and certainly not lightweight or throwaway. Asked to list their favourite bands, they collectively came up with: Rush, ELO, Van Halen, IOCC, Saxon, Steely Dan, Zappa, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, AC/DC and Queen, to name a few.

They refuse to be pigeonholed, demand to be recognised as being different and spit great mouthfuls of contemptuous gob at the multitude of manufactured bands that dominate the music biz. In short, these guys mean business. They’re fresh, rarin to go and their album is named after a plastic spoon-cum-fork thingy. Buy a ticket, get on the bus, and ride along with them – they are going somewhere and we might as well go with them.


Total Guitar Magazine Date Unknown

Written By Jon Jannaway

“Spork. A cross between a spoon and a fork, and the debut album from Old Man Stone. It’s a unique blend of Bowie, Radiohead and Therapy. Charismatic and uncomfortable, it veers from the Yorke-esque I Do to full-on Bowie in Madam Butterfly. The textures are superb, from gentle acoustics to full-on thrashy rhythms. In single songs they leap from melancholy to euphoria. Emotional, musical and genius.”



Manchester Evening News August 15 1997

Written By Paul Taylor

“Beneath the indie exterior of Bolton based OMS beats the heart of that old-fashioned beast, the virtuoso British rock band. Clues like the beautiful harpsichord-style break amid the grunge of Madame Butterfly and the deft melody of Dazzle Me Bright are a dead giveaway for talent which had paid it’s dues.

And this debut album is a rich feast indeed, from the monolithic funk of Spin The World to the vivid tunefulness of Paisley Park- the best track and something akin to the sprawling magnificence of Supergrass.

Beyond this, comparisons are difficult to draw- OMS really do carve their own niche with some glorious rock music, angsty but never self-indulgent, powerful yet full of melodic flair. Definitely one to watch.”