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Michael Brown

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Early History

Michael Brown was born in the Midwestern environment of Indianapolis, Indiana. His Musical Journey actually began at the age of six, when he learned to play the recorder.

Having Mastered that instrument, he moved on to the Clarinet at the age of seven. The Clarinet was played mostly with classical music until Michael was influenced by Guitarist, Bill Jennings of the Big Bang era, known to most of us through the sounds of Louis Jordan, Count Basie, and Jack McDuff, to mention a few.

By the time Michael was thirteen he had mastered enough jazz knowledge and instrument savvy to include Saxophone and Flute to the Clarinet. During this same period, his primary musical influences were Jazz legends, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane.

Musical Style

Michael Brown’s own style began to emerge at the age of fifteen, when he began to play professionally with the late Motown pop star, Mary Wells. He continued to develop his musical style on the road for the next few years until another major influence in his life occurred.

Michael entered the Jordan College of Fine Arts at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana to study music. As a result of his formal training in music theory, harmony and arrangement, he became a better technician as well as a composer. Michael has written more than 100 songs, mostly traditional jazz and fusion composition. He remains in demand as an arrange of other artists’ compositions.

Big Time

With all this in his background, he was ready to hit the Big Time. So where else do you go when you’re nineteen, ambitious, filled with dreams, and Jazz is your life… Where else? New York City!

Because of his formal training and professional experience, Michael is an acoustical jazz artist as well as a pop jazz artist. Michael Brown has performed with a myriad of Jazz and R&B artist, including George Benson, Kenny Dorham, Jimmy McGriff, Eddie Henderson, Ritchey Coles, The Spinners, Wilson Pickett, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Chubby Checkers. It is obvious that these artistic experiences have greatly enhanced Michael’s musical style and approach to both Jazz and R&B.

As music is the “universal language,” Michael has attained a more global perspective through his international performances. Having played in such diverse venues as South Africa, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Japan, and Italy, his artistic success in these countries personifies the belief that music transcends all cultures and boundaries.

His recent performances have been with artists such as Normal Connors, Angela Bofill, Roy Ayers, Tom Browne, Bobby Lyle and Tony Terry. His new acoustical CD project include tunes contributed by Eddie Henderson with appearances by Oliver Nelson Jr. and Kevin Johnson (son of late jazz trombonist J.J. Johnson), and jazz vocalist Cherryl Hayes. His upcoming pop project will include tunes contributed by Roy Ayers and Norman Connors.