Lee Wrathe - Awakening

Lee Wrathe’s debut studio album, Awakening, released 29th March 2019, demonstrates a fresh attitude to instrumental guitar music. Wrathe’s approach to the album was driven by his wish to avoid making an album that could only be appreciated by other guitarists. As such, while there are impressive demonstrations of technical ability on the album, these aren’t required to carry the album in any way. Instead, the album is filled with atmospheres and soundscapes which demonstrate Wrathe’s compositional and arrangement abilities, and more importantly, make the album enjoyable to listen to for any listener.

One of the things you’ll really take away from this album is the number of different places the music goes to. There’s high energy, riff based pieces, interspersed with slower, more emotive pieces. Wrathe’s inspirations for the various tracks on the album include the melancholy feeling of being separated from loved ones when away for work; storm chasing; and a concept for a future where machines dream, and can be used to control the dreams of people. Certainly to this end, the physical CD is worth having, as it provides a track by track summary of the inspirations behind the various tracks, along with a message from Lee detailing his personal journey creating the record.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the rather excellent musicians aside from Lee Wrathe who made this record what it is: drums on all tracks are provided courtesy of Paul Hose, with production and various vocal parts by Dave Buckley of Curly Lead Recording Studios. Guest solos come courtesy of Gretchen Menn (Eclipse) and Tom Quayle (Hex). Last but not least, Chris Brown plays bass guitar on ‘Angry Sky.’



  1. Illusion
  2. Eclipse
  3. Distant Heart
  4. Orange County
  5. Y B Blue
  6. Angry Sky
  7. Losing You
  8. Hex
  9. Foshan
  10. Binary Lullaby
  11. iDream
  12. 7 Lit Aliens
  13. Until the End pt. 1
  14. Until the End pt. 2