Kry are a three piece band, hailing from London. Their debut album, entitled "Miles Away", was written, produced and performed, by the guys between '92 and '95.The band consists of Pat Reilly (Vocals, guitars, keyboards and main songwriter), Pete Jelliman (keyboards and vocals) and Ofir Gal (guitars and keyboards).

Pete and Pat have played together in various bands and were recording songs when they met Ofir in 1988. He was working as an engineer on a session, not long oer from Israel, with a great knowledge of music and matters technical. The three hit it off and formed Kry.

To try and gain attention, they decided to record a whole demo album, hoping this would showcase the depth of their music. So with only a little money available, the boy bought and borrowed some home recording equipment and installed it in Pat's Basement. After plenty of soundproofing, they began the album early in '91. It was an ideal situation, with all the time in the world to record and perfect their ideas. The album attracted subsequent attention and a lot of these "home-made" songs are included on Miles Away.

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