Judge Nothing

I’m A Big Girl Now

Judge Nothing I'm A Big Girl Now

REV204 (1995)


The debut album from Judge Nothing was a very different beast to the other records being released around the same time. While many were going for the classic Britpop style, Judge Nothing went for a more cerebral style, bringing in grunge and post-rock elements to make a wonderfully different record. This album has the quality to be considered a classic.

For fans of: Beck, Soundgarden, Placebo

Track Listing:

  1. Enchanted Fools
  2. Junkpile
  3. Memphis
  4. Aug Mouth
  5. We’ll Know
  6. Out Of My Way
  7. Juggle
  8. No Need To Swear
  9. 7 To Think
  10. Wake
  11. Before You
  12. Jack
  13. Breakfast Burgoo
  14. Ulcer
  15. Myself & Me

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