Monster Contents

Jonas Master Contents

REV222 (1998)

The late 90’s saw a resurgence in grunge music, and this album fits that resurgence perfectly. A lo-fi record, Monster Contents not only sticks to the grunge formula, it brings in some traditional punk elements to add some pace to proceedings. This record is a truly fantastic post-grunge record, and while it’s from a relative unknown, Jonas prove here that they are good enough to be the major players in the scene.

For fans of: Bush, Soundgarden, Hinder

Track Listing:

  1. Young
  2. Today
  3. Single
  4. Swing
  5. Could I Be More
  6. Why
  7. Drain Monster
  8. Gain
  9. Intrusion
  10. Blue Sky
  11. Off A Deck
  12. Sick
  13. Before Friday
  14. Balcony SongRevolver (classic logo) - TEXT ONLY (large)