Afraid At The Edges

Intention Afraid Of The Edges

 INT4001 (2005)

A furious hardcore record, Afraid At The Edges is a hidden gem in the genre that has been criminally overlooked. This album is the only one that Intention released, and it is certainly a crazy one. From the opening of the album they light the blue touch paper and run with it, creating immense sounds while keeping a refinement that ensures the album doesn’t become pure noise. This is a hardcore punk classic, and is a must.

For fans of: Black Flag, Discharge, Minor Threat

Track Listing:

  1. Dig For Victory
  2. Here Goes Nothing
  3. Mass Distraction
  4. Sleep
  5. Too Far Gone
  6. Military Issue
  7. Creel Commission
  8. Talk Is Cheap
  9. Army Of Darkness
  10. Stop The Rot
  11. Heaven’s Gate
  12. Fraud Is My ShepherdRevolver (classic logo) - TEXT ONLY (large)