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Photo by Emma Steele (Machine Creatvice)

Greenhaus, the Electronic three piece, formed in the late 1990’s and this year (2017) they will release their fifth studio album. With four albums already under their belts, the group have often explored different elements of Ambient and Wave, as well as Electronica. This new album, entitled “Ferox”, combines all off those with contagious Pop melodies to truly immersive soundscapes.

The band’s first release, ‘The Unmistakeable Sound of sloth’ was described by many as “the offspring of ambient and wave” and an “essential album that will cater to a wide range of musical tastes”. This was then followed up 2 years later by ‘Another Life’ (2004), which also achieved some success and described by one critic as “best suited for those into lunar and dreamy moods”, “space rock with electro grooves”. 

The band’s third studio album, ‘You’re Not Alone’, was released on Kalinkaland Records in Germany and Revolver Records in the UK. It received excellent reviews and has been considered the band’s best work to date. The biggest change on this album was the addition of singer Phoenix J, with her beautiful melodies creating rich new sonics that became another dimension for the group, with this album being likened to Massive Attack and the Cocteau Twins as a result. During this time the band have played many times across Europe.

Their last album, “A Fool’s Paradise”, was a slight change in direction, with the  band moving to a more Electronica sound. However the addition of violins and guitars meant that the music was never one dimensional. The group also went through some line up changes with Phoenix J. leaving the group. 

Now they’re back with a new a album, and the group’s long journey in the Electronic music scene is set to continue.