About Black Country Time

The third album from Midland folk band Giggetty was a mixed affair, with one side being their brand of Black Country folk music, the other side being local comedy. This gives Black Country Time a homely feel, never breaking a sweat as it calmly meanders it’s way through the Black Country. This album is born of a different time, and it is vivid enough to let you see the area as it was. This is a beautiful record, and certainly a relaxing one.

For fans of: Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Seth Lakeman

Track Listing:

  1. Winston Homer
  2. Anne And Jack Webb
  3. Jim William Jones
  4. Giggetty
  5. Anuyk And Ayli
  6. Maggie May
  7. Lullaby
  8. Streets Of London
  9. Misty Midlands Morning
  10. Penny For The Guy
  11. Lord Of The Dance
  12. Seven Valley Railway
  13. Animal’s Lament

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