In A Rage (1997)

In A Rage

Fear Disorder In A Rage

REV217 (1997)

In the lives of bands, many only have short careers. For Fear Disorder, this was the case, and this, their only album, is testament to what they could achieve. This is pure thrash metal, the rhythm is fast and brutal, the vocals are guttural and the tempo is high. This album is a brilliant metal record, and one that belies the brevity of Fear Disorder’s career.

For fans of: Anthrax, Metallica, Stone Sour

Track Listing:

  1. In A Rage
  2. Knee Deep In The Dead
  3. Bloody Knuckles
  4. Hole In Your Head
  5. God Kills (And So Shall I)
  6. Blood & Guts
  7. My Precious Greed
  8. Loverly, Devouring Gloom
  9. I Am (What You Made Me To Be)Revolver (classic logo) - TEXT ONLY (large)