Epic Black Hole Vertigo

4 piece alt. Rock band, Epic, formed in the late '90s, and, despite only releasing one album, made a huge impact on the early 2000s music scene. The band's songwriter, Michael Gagliano (Vocals & Guitar) is more than ably backed up by the musical talents and harmonised vocals of Matt Hughes (Bass), Arun Deshpanda (Guitar) and Andy Gray (Drums) and together they produced an album that was, at the time, described as a future classic. 

Leading up the release of their debut album, the band garnered a huge amount of experience in the industry, making a lot of friends along the way. They played with bands such as Kula Shaker, Travel, Cecil, and Madness. 

In a time when it looked like major labels held all the power, Epic actually turned down the chance to sign with two different major labels, citing creative differences, and that they were incompatible with the band. The band instead signed with Revolver Records, to help maintain their creative integral. They previously worked with Guy Chambers and Nick Terry, but opted to self-produce the album. They also recorded a duct with Sam Brown, "Goodbye", which appeared on the album.