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Lenny’s Song

Bazzman stopped to speak to Mr. Sprigg on his way home, driving back from work one day. He says he was so enamoured with Mr. Sprigg’s story that he wanted to help Lenny find his way to a new home. And CP Bazzman helped in the only way he knew how, by producing a song performed by Lenny Sprigg himself. The lyrics are inspired by Sprigg’s life story and discusses the hard times he fell on growing up, hoping to bring awareness to the homeless and help reduce the stigma associated with the homeless.

The aim was to raise upwards of £4000 in profit, to fund Lenny’s new home in Lancashire. And, in true mid-noughties style, the track was available to purchase via text and download for £3 plus network rate.

By May 2008, the track was downloaded 700 times and raised roughly £1,200 towards Lenny’s new home. That it’s said he settled into nicely, despite a few teething problems.

Thank You

Lenny’s first song made him a household name after featuring on national TV and even across Europe thanks to the support of German public broadcaster ARD and now a new film is being made about him and CP Bazzzman.

Finally, Lenny released a follow up to his debut track, called Thank You. This had a lot less less traction, and struggled to gain the same exposure.